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Reviewclip makes it very easy to Collect & Showcase Customer VIDEO REVIEWS. With Companies and leading Brands looking for new ways to increase their digital presence, we believe that our application offers a unique 'Video Review' tool that provides a new platform to enhance their brand visibility. Facilitates businesses to Capture Remote Video Reviews from their Customers & Showcase in their website through their own Hosted Video Review page.

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Make your Customers the Brand Ambassadors

Collect your Praises from Your Customers, Friends and Known Celebrities from ANY PART of the WORLD in seconds…

Sometimes it is better to make the PUBLIC do the talking

The primary reason why would-be customers would value video reviews is the authenticity & credibility. We are all influenced by the opinions of others to some extent.

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Why Video Reviews. Video is a powerful tool. Today, review submissions must be more than one dimensional (text format). A multi-dimensional presentation with video can tell a better story and provide deeper insight about the product & the brand ---this is something that a traditional text review cannot provide.

Whether the people are raving about what you have done for them or about the great services & schemes you gave, they're telling the public first and foremost that they had a positive experience with your company. Video testimonials carry more weight than written testimonials as potential consumers have the chance to see, hear, and experience your product or service from a real customer.


Let your Customer Reviews Speak

Video testimonials are a great starting point to increase customer engagement without blowing your budget. More and more marketers are now focusing primarily on consumer engagement and personalized messages, and what better way to provide this than with video testimonials.

Video testimonials are extremely effective in influencing consumers as they provide an opportunity for viewers to see and hear real customer experiences. Forrester Research reported that “adding a video to your website makes your site 6 times more likely to convert a visitor to a paying customer.” Now, imagine that the videos on your site were of happy, satisfied customers.

  • Technological Transition from View to Play
  • Revolutionizes the conventional system of reviews
  • Reach a much wider audience


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Customer Video Reviews are effective marketing tool for any business

Introducing the New Age Marketing Tool to Boost Your Business Image. Brands can gain the trust of a bigger audience, increase leads and sales, and win over these audiences by skillfully highlighting the positive things that existing consumers are saying. Start capturing your customer video Reviews now...

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